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Donegal's first columbarium to enable interment of cremated remains at Ards Friary

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Planning permission for the erection of the columbarium - which will be the first in the county - at the Ard Mhuire Capuchin Friary was granted by Donegal County Council

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Article by Chris McNulty published in Donegal Live on 18th August 2022

Donegal’s first columbarium - for the interment of ashes - will be located at Ards Friary.

Planning permission has been granted for the erection of a columbarium at the Ard Mhuire Capuchin Friary.
People who wish to be cremated will now have a chance to have their ashes interred in the grounds at Ards.

Columbaria consist of a series of niches which hold cremated remains inside an urn and are common in the United States and Europe. Each niche has a small plaque which will show the details of the deceased person.

Planning permission was sought by Brother Philip Baxter for the erection of an external columbarium with a natural stone and smooth concrete render envelop for housing bronze plated columbarium niches.

Donegal County Council granted conditional planning permission. The development is to be carried out strictly in accordance with lodged plans and details and no surface water from the site shall be permitted to discharge to the public road. The applicant is to take measures that will ensure that no public road water discharges onto the site.

The planning phase follows consultation between the people at Ards and Eternum Columbarium, a company from Belfast that specialises in the construction of columbaria.

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